Simon LUCAS.

Computer graphics student and apprentice researcher, passionate about CG.

Introduction I am looking for a PhD in 3D rendering

To start with, a few words about me:

After a scientific Baccalauréat, I integrated in September 2016 a Master in Engineering degree specialized in Informatics, Image, Virtual Reality, Interactions and Games at Strasbourg University (France). This degree lasts 5 years in total and I am currently achieving my fifth and last year. If you wanna know more about this formation and its content, please click here !

Through this degree, I am discovering several computer languages, acquiring new knowledge and became particularly interested in computer graphics. The various projects I fulfilled during my formation allow me to have a grasp on the possible professional application of our studies, some of which are presented on this site.

I have always been very attracted by computers, but don’t worry, I also appreciated doing other activities during my 22 years of life. Indeed, I’ve practiced sports including archery or climbing, or cultural activities like cinema or video games. Of course, I do have a geek side, which allows me to appreciate everything happening on a screen. I am closely following computer generated images progression and the innovations from companies producing them.

My curriculum is of interest to you ? You are looking for a PhD student ? You wanna know more about me ?

Feel free to contact me !