Small GPU pathtracer developt for a university project.
The pathtracer run with OpenGL, all the scene datas (BVH, meshes, materials, …) are sent to the GPU throught textures.

Oeuf de Fabergé, Best shader of JFIG 2020 Shadertoy rendering contest


This shader was develop for the JFIG 2020 rendering contest organised by the french association of computer graphics (AFIG).

Analytic normal filtering from sum of cosines


Developement of a method to extract normals without aliasing from a sum of cosines functions of different amplitude, frequence and phase.

  • Shadertoy implementation : link

Filtering color mapped textures and surfaces


Course, Study and Research work

  • Implementation of the paper “Filtering Color Mapped Textures and Surfaces” Heitz et al. : link
  • Shadertoy implementation : link
  • Report (fr) : link

First OpenGL application


Course, 3D programming

  • C++
  • Deffered Rendering
  • GGX Brdf
  • Normal mapping
  • OpenGL, GLEW, GLFW
  • CMake, Assimp, Imgui